Praying, Giving, & Serving


  • Please pray for the approximate 1800 names of potential campers from the AT list we will be receiving and be inviting to camp this year.  These and the campers from past years will receive invitations for camp.
  • Please pray for the Campers that will be attending camp this year.  Pray that their hearts and minds are open to hearing the Good News as it is shown to them by God’s Word.
  • Please pray for the Teachers, Staff, Counselors and Support Staff as they work with Campers.  Please pray for endurance for them, for patience and understanding for them, and that God’s Word would be in their hearts and mouths as they serve the Campers.
  • Please pray for safety of all the workers and campers, both before camp and during camp.
  • Please pray for God’s Provision in:  financially as we work to maintain, improve, and new projects for the camp; for volunteers to work pre camp and during camp; and for sponsorships for all the campers for the year.


  • You can give monthly financially to help support the on-going mission of SSBC as we look forward to our 22nd year of camps.  Since 1997 with 2 teepees and 8 boys, SSBC has continued to grow, and reach out to more and more campers.  We have seen 3975 campers come to SSBC since the beginning.
  • If you would like to sponsor a camper, we ask that along with the financial gift of $100 for the camper sponsorship, that you would also commit to pray for the camper throughout the year.  Also if you would like, you may send a card or gift on the camper’s birthday and/or Christmas.  All correspondence to the camper will go through the SSBC office.


  • We are always looking for help to prepare the camp before the camp season begins.  If you would like to volunteer to come help during the week, or a weekend, please contact Tracy at 660-668-3808, and we will discuss possible projects for you.
  • We also are looking for volunteers for the camp season.  If you have an opportunity to go on mission to serve here at Sagrada for a week, or two, or for the whole summer, we would like to talk with you.  You may find more information about volunteering on the Volunteer Page.