• GENERAL BUDGET GIVING:  You may give monthly financially to help support the on-going mission of SSBC as we look forward to our 21st year of camps.  Since 1997 with 2 teepees and 8 boys, SSBC has continued to grow, and reach out to more and more campers.  We have seen 3975 campers come to SSBC since the beginning.  Today SSBC has 8 wagons, 1 TeePee, and 2 Trapper Cabins.


  • CAMPER SPONSORSHIP:  If you would like to sponsor a camper, we ask that along with the financial gift of $100 for the camper sponsorship, that you would also commit to pray for the camper throughout the year.  Also if you would like, you may send a card or gift on the camper’s birthday and/or Christmas.  All correspondence to the camper will go through the SSBC office.


  • Please make all checks payable to Sagrada Scholarship Bible Camp.  Please indicate on the memo like, or add a note letting us know whether the check is for a Child Sponsorship OR for the General Budget.   All checks may be mailed to:


  • Sagrada Scholarship Bible Camp
  • 28465 Hillside Rd
  • Lincoln, MO  65338


  • Thank you for your support of the ministry here at Sagrada Scholarship Bible Camp.